What is Hello Keltie?

Hello Keltie is a site devoted to homemade items, the inspirations behind them, and the haus of MIMs. A MIM is something that you made yourself, or more precisely “Made It Myself”. Nothing is off the table; whether it’s a food MIM, a designer room MIM, an artwork MIM , or a celebration combining of all the above, this is a central place to collect thoughts and present ideas.

I am Brian Keltner and I find inspiration in inconvenient items at inconvenient times. Sometimes I want to duplicate them because I either can’t afford to buy them, can’t find them in the real world, or want to alter them to fit whatever project, space, or environment they may finally reside it. I want to share those inspirations and the items that result from them with you all to hopefully inspire you to create as well. Whether you create a room, a meal, or a piece of art… keep your eyes open, and find a way to make it yourself. Welcome!

4 responses to “What is Hello Keltie?”

  1. Mim Lilly Avatar
    Mim Lilly

    Speaking as someone named Mim, who loves crafting and making things my self, I love this concept.

  2. Lu Avatar

    Since the world didn’t end I’m updating my blog subscriptions 🙂

    1. Keltie Avatar

      Glad to hear it

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