Teased previously on MIMs, and as the second installment of the Bedroom Makeover series…here is How I Starched My Walls.

For years I have heard mentions of starching fabric onto walls to simulate wallpaper, but a lot less permanent. This treatment is supposedly great for apartments and rentals, as it can dramatically change the look of your room, then when you are ready to move you can simply pull it down, wash the wall and BAM! Its like you were never there.  After years and years of wanting to try it, I finally took the plunge and starched away with the help of my parents. You can find the instructions here:

Before you begin this project here are the tips I learned.

  1. This is not a one man job (thanks mom and dad)
  2. This is messsssssssssy
  3. Liquid Starch is hard to find, after going to Walgreens, Target, Safeway, Cliffs Variety, Lowes, Michaels, Kmart, and Joanne……I finally found it at Smart N Final.
  4. Spray Starch only works for touch ups, there is no way to get the coverage you need
  5. There is a point when its easiest just to screw the roller. Once that starch is on the wall and you smoothing out the fabric, its easier just to do it with your hands.
  6. It actually works! It’s been a week now and my fabric is staying up! The first day was kind of sketchy, some of the fabric started curling, and when I removed the push pins holding the fabric up while it dried, the fabric started coming down…but I added more starch and so far so good

Here are some pictures from the process

2 responses to “Starched Fabric Wall MIM – Bedroom Makeover Series Part 2”

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