The ruling is in and the Candlestick Park Antique and Collectibles Faire is hands down my favorite I’ve been too. Great finds, good prices, manageable size not many people (until all 20 who read this blog start going, beware). This past weekend I went for the second time with no intention to buy anything because I have no space or needs, other than to feed my creativity. My singular goal was to find five items to highlight on MIMs and I could not stop taking pictures of things I wanted. Including a cuckoo-clock that was only $10 (I left it for someone else)

I think there is something going on with playing card inspired art…This was part of a king and queen set. Didn't need the queen, and therefore didnt purchase
And here's the queen. Shes pretty, but I think it would send the wrong message hanging it above my bed
Robot Man lamp for $850…not reasonably priced, but cool (and a piece of my finger, that's free
Crystal light bulb covers…Pretty! But not sold separately from the ugly candelabra they were on
$10 Cuckoo Clock….my roommate would not have been a fan
Sign for my imaginary beach house….wait no, its real (…Using The Secret…)
These were amazing little birdcage clocks… the birds moved with the seconds
yeah, I bought it. Sorry
I dont know how anybody could give up this coffee table base (read: sarcasm)
Feeding my current obsession with mounted animal trophies, I found some overpriced paper mache ones
onesPaper Mache Rhino….if it was only $50 I would have thought about it
Needlepoint St. Francis…for some reason it reminded me of the Noahs Ark ones my mom made me when I was little, therefore "love"
loveThis was just a cool idea for covering a chair, laser cut felt placed over the original (or it I were to do it "new") upholstery
upholsteryAnd the one that almost came home with me to become a new lamp….I thought the fact he was in a cage was hilarious

3 responses to “Found at the Flea: Candlestick Visit #2”

  1. LKG Avatar

    how could you pass up the walrus?!

    1. Keltie Avatar

      It was expensive!

  2. […] am looking for a cool alternative to hang a swag lamp I recently purchased without really hanging it from the ceiling (reminds me of the 70′s) or putting anymore holes […]

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