Found at the Flea: Portobello Road Edition

This edition of Found at the Flea comes to you from the Portobello Market in London, England. While not really a flea market (not that any of the markets I go to are, by definition or name) this one had a small section actually name “flea market”. Too bad we aren’t talking about that section because it was boring, small, and didn’t offer anything to write about.

Portobello Market is divided up into different sections: the antiques market, food market, new goods, flea, and more new goods. Taking over the streets of Portobello Road in Notting Hill, the antiques market was crowded with so many people that it was more difficult to navigate than Disneyland during summer break (not that I remember what either summer or summer break are like).

While lacking the sort of random uniqueness of the items in California markets, I like to believe that many of the items offered had REAL history behind them. Here are some of the items I found, some for style, some for history, and others just because I liked them ( I am looking at you watch fob vendor)

Commander Dog Tapestry
I always love crocodile skin
in honor of Boxing Day, vintage gloves
I like to believe this is real, from the days of yore
I think my Madonna records would sound groovy on this record player
I love plaid..I like the Union Jack...put them together and....

And now some random pictures of the market for no reason at all..


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