It’s done!*

My first upholstery project is finished. I am quite proud of this little beast. While, the fabric looks more mid-century than West Elm, it doesn’t look bad. After a little break (as the weekends of my summer are given up to either Conventions or catching up on sleep from travel) I will find another piece (perhaps off the street once more). See below pictures throughout the process.


*well almost. If you could see the back, it’s uncovered. I am also not happy with how the fabric on the backrest lays, so I’ll try to fix that. One more class (which I’ve thought for about four classes now) and it should be completely done.

6 responses to “Upholstery MIM!”

  1. Annie F. Avatar

    Good job, cuz!

    1. Keltie Avatar

      Thanks Annie!

  2. Lu Avatar

    Love. You changed the fabric? Looks awesome!

    1. Keltie Avatar

      I changed it days ago Lu! I showed it to you.

  3. Kristi "Toquito" Mathisen Avatar
    Kristi “Toquito” Mathisen

    That looks great BK! You are very talented.

  4. Amy Avatar

    I love it!

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