Cheese Board MIM

While researching places that can help with a chair repair, I came across a wood shop that offered classes – and living by the philosophy of “where there’s a class, there’s a Keltie”; I signed me, and one of my friends, up for one immediately!

Using reclaimed walnut; we cross cut, drilled, routed and sanded our pieces to cheese presenting perfection.


Our finished pieces
Signed by the maker

Wood Thumb, in the SOMA district of San Francisco, is a company started by two brothers, Christopher and David Steinrueck, who use reclaim wood to make products that they sell to retailers nationwide like Anthropology, Whole Foods, and Urban Outfitters. One of their most famous creations is the wood tie.

Chris was the teacher of our 2.5 hour class, which flew by in an instant, and was not only very knowledgeable about different types of woods, but  very passionate about sharing his knowledge with the class. This was a guy who loves what he does. I am definitely going back to create one the six-pack carriers, even though I don’t beer. It was just fun!

Here’s a little tidbit I learned in class: One of the differences between hardwoods and softwoods are that hardwoods come from flower producing trees and softwoods are from coniferous trees. Not a mind blower – but I found it interesting nonetheless.

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