Do you ever look at art in stores or galleries and wonder how the artist gets glossy acrylic-like finish is that encases the work? I found out! And it’s really easy to accomplish! Check out the video below!

There are a number of epoxies on the market, but they can be caustic and difficult to work with – Art Resin is a two-part epoxy that has little smell or fumes, and is really easy to work with!

artresin_32_oz_starter_kit_larger_bottles_1024x1024 Art Resin will cover most anything –  in my case, it worked well covering a sheet of plywood, some wrapping paper, concrete paint, and an engineering print.

A Pinterest idea I have come across is printing photos on an architectural printer. You don’t get the same quality of as blowing up a photo to a poster, but you can blow images up to very large sizes and they feel more vintage or industrial in my mind. I got mine from Staples and it cost about $3.50 – so it’s a bargain too! I took that idea and cut out certain areas of the photo so the background would show through.

Here is the final piece.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2 responses to “Collages and Art Resin”

  1. Mary Thomas Avatar
    Mary Thomas

    Great video. Can you use this product on more of a mixed media piece of art with say bottle caps or twigs?

    1. Keltie Avatar

      Thanks for watching! You can definitely use it on your twig or bottle cap piece. I would just shore up the edges of the piece so that the Art Resin will retain the depth needed for covering your objects.

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