My favorite magazine of the year has FINALLY begun appearing on store shelves…the Martha Stewart Halloween Issue!!!

Halloween is the one time of year when the imagination can go wild, there are no limits so sometimes its difficult to narrow your ideas done to one cohesive thought. To me, Halloween is the ultimate East Coast style. While I have never lived there, any time I picture Halloween I get images of Sleepy Hollow, Salem Witches, and the general days of yore.

My style for Halloween is classic and eerie, which Martha does exceptionally well during this time of year. I couldn’t actually give a crud what she does the rest of the year. But she keeps Halloween classy, and adult without making it look like she bought out a Spirit Halloween Store and threw all that crap in her yard. I look to Martha for inspiration.

Color me surprised when this issue is just a rehash of the last few years of her Halloween issues! While I appreciate it all being in place…I already have all the previous issues! AND A BOOK!!!

In the spirit of this issue, I am going to post my favorite projects from these issues.

1) I want to make this for my parents EVERY year. Long ago my Boppa made a painted Santa out of plywood and a milk crate that sits on my parents roof every year during Christmas. Every year when I come across the picture of this witch and her cats, I can see it in that exact same position….once of these years…

2) Cover EVERYHING in glitter…skulls, pumpkins, gourds, candles, other items you would never have thought of. Also, I love the use of cheesecloth. I make these every year for something (I find a way to work it in).

3) The Black Flower Wreath – A few years back the Halloween issue focused on black, white, and grey…It was one of the most beautiful Halloween setups I had seen. She also introduced me to #4.

4) Black Spray Painted Pumpkins – I had never thought of this, but they look real cool.

…just some of the ideas I remember of the past few years. There are plenty more…and there are also

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