Rather than create a list of Resolutions I decided to make a list of projects and ideas that I may or may not accomplish this year. But at least when I need something do to, I can look at it and try to knock one off. Here we go:

  • Take a pottery class
  • Finish half started paintings
  • Upholster something
  • Finish repainting furniture
  • Learn some French
  • Check out the Candlestick Park Flea market
  • Learn to Screen Print
  • Learn to make Felt things (just once, I dont actually want them laying around with no use)
  • Come up with some sort of business that will allow me to have a booth at the Renegade Craft fair…if only to make bags, boxes and business cards with a logo on them)
  • Start Interior Design Classes
  • Host Brunch
  • Have a Garden Party
  • Learn how to not burn food (including popcorn)
  • Visit one or more of the following inspirational places
    • Dubrovnik/Bulgaria/Romania
    • Egypt
    • English countryside
    • Thailand
    • Hong Kong
    • Cinque Terre/Siena
    • Mont St Michel
    • Istanbul
    • Scandinavian tour
    • Morocco
  • Win the Mega Millions to afford all this

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