Bedroom Makeover MIM Series – Part 1

I recently had a roommate move out of my apartment. I’ve decided to take over the vacant room and move in slowly (read: make the room exactly how i want it) before someone new moves in. And what an opportunity to create a whole series for MIMs! Thus begins part 1.

The Beginning

The room was in a state of disarray, gigantic mold/mildew patches on the wall. Paint that may have once been white, but is now the color of desert sand…the room needed a clean. And thats what I did.

A good scrub down with a bleach/TSP/Water combination, three coats of primer on the walls and ceiling and Voila! Its a beginnings of a brand new room. I feel better just looking down the hall at those white walls…so clean, so pure…

Now, because I am on a roll, and this apparently cannot get white enough for me, I am going to freshen up all the trim and baseboards with a coat of a surprise color. The I can move onto stage … mess them up.

And now a preview of the next stage…


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