The past weekend, I found myself in my favorite of all places: The Antique Fair/Flea Market. It was my first visit to the Candlestick Park Antique & Collectibles Fair with no intention to purchase anything, but I was interested in checking it out and seeing how it compared to the very popular Alameda Point Antique Fair.

While much smaller, the CPA was still AMAZING, not to mention much more affordable. My friend who accompanied me found a unique desk/vanity and purchased it for $60 without even bartering (it was well worth more). As previously mentioned, I had no intention to buy anything, but took my camera along to take snaps of items I found unique or inspiring (and no, thats not the desk my friend bought). They are below…I may have even purchased on of them for an upcoming MIM’s project.

2 responses to “Found at the Flea”

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