Last night I was driving home from work and for no reason at all began to think about camera film and old travel photo albums. I remember how stingy I used to be with taking pictures. You only got 24 pictures per roll and had to lug around countless rolls of film on your vacation. In my last film-based travel experience (Europe in 2000) I only took about 4 pictures of Venice because i had run out of film! Then you get home from travelling to who-knows-where, so proud to prove that you’ve seen the world only to have your film developed, see your pictures for the first time and they either blurry (although I have friends where this is a problem even with digital), you look ugly, the lighting didn’t take, something happened in the development process, or a number of other problems. And you’re screwed because you know you cant take the pictures again.

Thank god for digital where you can retake a shot immediately, delete not-s0-good pictures if you need the room, experiment freely with the settings on your camera for cool effects, and are electronic so you use the sphere-ize filter on your mid-section so you lose 10 pounds and no one is the wiser… I LOVE that we have all of this available to us these days!

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