Found At The Flea (Melrose Trading Post Edition)

Only the second in a this series, this edition of Found at the Flea comes from Melrose. In my weekend away to fabulous Los Angeles, I took some time to visit the local flea market (Or in this case, the “trading post”) off Melrose. Lets just say, if I lived in LA, I’d come here every weekend. The items for sale were fun, unique, eclectic, and probably mostly from sets in the nearby film studios.

One vendor that stood out to me was Andersons Benches. Lester Anderson searched high and low (for street treats) to find old chairs which he would then unite into a bench with surprising results. They were great. Check out his site if you are looking for a unique piece of furniture for your garden.

Here is a selection of items found, one of them may have been purchased for a makeover project. You’ll have to wait to find out which (although it wouldn’t take much to figure out the answer based on the photos below)

These were lights horrendous, but I loved them


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