Yesterday Sony released the box art for their upcoming FPS game Resistance 3. The box art was designed my non-other than Olly Moss!

An amazing designer, Olly’s artwork reminds me of a time in Graphic Design school when we have to make a poster for an art exhibition focused chairs. We were only allowed to use only scraps of tape to create our image, then had to blow it up to poster size. Still one of my favorite projects from design school, Olly’s work is reminiscent of that project combined with the work of Saul Bass (also one of my favorite graphic designers for his movie posters and animated film credits).

Below are some additional pieces of Ollys work. While simple on the surface, I cant imagine what it took to dream up these pieces and fit them together like the puzzles they are. For example, The Empire Strikes Back poster: the juxtaposition of Cloud City and Bobba Fett’s visor? Who comes up with that? Wolverines profile mirrored to create a head on view? Gorgeous! Anyway, examples below


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