I’m Obsessed: Mounted Deer Heads

On my last trip to LA, I discovered the most a large ceramic deer head in a curiosity store that I was instantly drawn to. Having only brought a carry on suitcase and knowing that there was no way the security officer at the airport would let me carry a 2 foot tall mounted deer head on the plane, I had to let it go. For the next 12 hours I couldn’t stop thinking about that deer head, started envisioning it on my plaid wall; and checking Fedex.com to get estimates shipping it home. Finally I was sold, my friend and I went back the next day to buy it…..and it was gone (of course). And now I am obsessed with finding a replacement for what I believe is a one of a kind piece of “art” which I was convinced I would never see again (Until in my research I found the exact replica below, but I have devised the fantasy that the one below is the exact same one and that it has just changed hands)

Believing the Bambi I lost was one of a kind, I have been searching for alternatives/replacements. The results are below. I think I might love the knit deer head and the glass lit deer heads the most. But my heart still desires “the one”.



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