This past weekend was the premiere of the Treasure Island Flea Market so of course I had to check it out! Turns out the TIFM is more of a large scale craft faire than a flea market. Not that I am complaining, but 90% of the vendors at the venue had products that were manufactured themselves! While I found REALLY good stuff (see: the chair below) nothing was in the MIMs price range…i.e. under $50.

Again, I found many items I fell in love with and many items that I hope to recreate some day. Back to the chair….pieces like this make me want to learn how to upholster furniture. A craft I’ve been wanting to learn for many years now, classes are impossible to find!

Anyway, below are the top 4 pieces I would have come home with, and lampshades which I enjoy because a) they looked french and b) they were something new that I hadn’t seen before; but they wouldn’t go with any of my fantasy homes.

the chair. Designed by British Route Sign Designs….I can never get enough plaid OR houndstooth…and they’ve come together in this chair

Dining room table with an industrial feel from Planks 10, kind of reminds me of my bookshelves

Vintage look coffee table, also from Planks 10

Rusty table from BD antiques in SF

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