When my beach house materializes…its on the horizon, people. (if only I could get the lottery to cooperate) Then I would totally recreate this room for my sister and fanily. As a kid I would have LOVED that loft up the ladder, I think my niece and nephew would too.



Welcome to Sweet Home Style.

3 responses to “The Inlaws Room”

  1. Pocket Perspectives Avatar

    Ohhh….I want that room….it’s wonderful! Hope it happens! : )

  2. Katy Dormer Avatar

    I love this! Forget the visitors, I would make this the master bedroom. With less beds. Just making it clear I am not into the weird stuff.

    1. Keltie Avatar

      You are into “weird stuff” we all know it. You can be like Sarah Winchester and sleep in a different bed every night so the “ghosts” “cant” find you.

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