Star Spangled vs Union Jack Decor

I’ve been conflicted for a long time now on a rather odd topic. I think the idea started festering in my brain after the first time I saw a Ben Sherman ad with the Union Jack chair. Ever since then, I’ve noticed really cool art, furniture, and fashion which uses the iconic flag of the U.K. as a motif. Also used in various styles, the union jack can be punk, mod, new wave, and always cool.

Now, I don’t know a lot of my heritage, but I am fairly certain that none of my bloodlines come from England…many other places in Europe, but not England. Bringing this style of red, white and blue in my home would just make me look like a poser. And here is me dilemma: when I think of the alternative, an image that would express my love for the great country I live in, logically I think of the ole stars and stripes…yet the image of the American flag conjures up associations with the fourth of July, a country store, the civil war, and generally white trash. Why is it that our flag cannot be used in such a manner as the British? I believe the only person who has been able to pull of anything close has been Jasper Johns, and I think i only like that because its famous.

Below is a comparison of various items i’ve searched. I’ll let you be your own judge and am open to anything you find.


Living Room


Coffee Table

Pillow (okay, so I like this pillow. But I dont like in a 1930’s baseball or football house)

Concert Attire

Love seat

And then there is these two….both of which I like, but might actually pick the american one! Gasp.


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