While on my recent mini tour of Europe one of my stops took me to Bath in the English countryside.  While in town I took Rick Steve’s advice and stopped in to the Fashion Museum. Full of clothes ranging from the 18th century to modern day wear, the exhibitions were grouped by style which I found very unique. Whether daywear, formal wear, or the little black dress of ever era, my eye was always drawn to the 50’s era clothing.


One thing I did notice was how men get screwed when it comes to fashion. Either it looks like they are trying to hard to make something different for men and it ends up looking like a reject from the Matrix costume department, or they just rolled out of bed and put on the ugliest clothes they cool find. As an example take the below side by side comparison taken from the 60’s youth daywear…the girls outfit is fab, green fur jacket with striped knit dress…love it. The mens outfit…a Cosby sweater with corduroy pants and shoes that look like they were the inspiration for a 90’s ska band – not acceptable.

In a different section of the museum was a exhibition inspired by the recent Royal Wedding. A collection of wedding dresses taken from various previous exhibits in the museum and collected together. Here are some of my favorites

And my final favorite section was a selection of award winning costumes from the cinema. Some of my favorite movies made appearance here…

4 responses to “Report from Fashion Museum (Bath, UK)”

  1. sheilabee88 Avatar

    Love. Wish you could have modelled some of them for us though…

  2. Keltie Avatar

    I did! But I was alone so no one could take my picture

  3. sheilabee88 Avatar

    You could have gone into the bathroom and taken a self portrait in the mirror?

  4. Keltie Avatar

    I guess that’s true….but would have seemed a little weird.

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