I had one free day in Tokyo that just happened to be a Sunday…that means….ANTIQUE FAIR!!! I only had a couple hours before I had to run to a plane, so unfortunately I had to go the market nearest my hotel which was the OEDO Antique Market. Full of the typical junk you’d find at any market, old toys, junky silverware…opium pipes… every vendor at the OEDO Antique Market also offered old sake sets, kimonos, and scarves galore which was inconvenient since it was 85 degrees outside with 70% humidity. Now, I dont have much knowledge in the realm of antique sake glass collecting, but everything looked like something you’d buy at Cost Plus, so I wasn’t terribly impressed. To my goal though, I was able to find 5 unique items to post including samurai helmets and a preserved sea turtle (I think it was real, but I was too grossed out to touch it). Next time I think I’ll make a little more of an effort to hit the larger antique fair, lesson learned.


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