After years of searching for an upholstery class in San Francisco, my friend finally found one for me and we promptly signed up to take it. Almost halfway through the class I have stripped down my piece, added webbing to the underside, sewing in springs and am almost done tying them in. Only a few more knots and I can start adding foam and fabric! Only two classes left and haven’t even started on the back, that might be a post class project. Below are pictures so far…stay tuned for the finished product.


Nasty chair found on the streets of the mission. Was so gross and sticky I refused to have any skin on chair contact, but I loved the look so I had to have it

Almost stripped all the way. old springs, a new more nails and burlap still to be removed
Stripped to the wood!
Legs sanded and stained, webbing in, springs sewn in, and almost all of the 8-knot ties done
A glimpse into its future

2 responses to “Partial Upholstery MIM”

  1. Letta Avatar

    Where are you taking the class? I have been trying to find a class like this in SF. Thanks!

    1. Keltie Avatar

      Hi letta- I took it with the City College Continuing Education program…there is going to be another one in the Fall

      However, I didnt finish my project so I’ve been looking at other places to go since I dont want to wait until September to finish my chair. There is a place in Alameda that supposedly has classes. I havent called to find out more information but I intend to do so. Here is the yelp ad for that

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