Today I start the journey that will help cross another location off my yearly “Use The Secret and You Shall Travel” wish list. Once again with my travel partner Leonie, we are now on a flight aimed at Thailand and Cambodia for 10 days. Admittedly I haven’t done any research about these destinations apart from watching the Hangover 2, Brokedown Palace, and Bridget Jones 2. I bought four books over 6 months ago to read and prepare for our visit; to have a deeper appreciation for what we’d see. Let’s just say the spines on three of them are in perfect condition and the fourth is a Top 10 book that was mostly pictures. So on this flight going to Southeast Asia, here are the things I know:

  • People will hide drugs in your backpack, you get blamed, then end up in Thai jail (optional- teach the inmates dance moves to Material Girl)
  • Don’t take apples from the lunch line or you get caned.
  • Trannies are celebrated in Bangkok
  • The Khmer rouge was start a mass genocide of the Cambodian people (actual intelligence from me? Don’t expect more
  • Angkor Wat at sunrise looks amazing and the forest has reclaimed parts of the temples
  • And it’s going to be 90 degrees and raining for the duration of our trip

Lessons from the lady who gave me travel shots:

  • Don’t eat vegetables that are cold our haven’t been prepared in front of you
  • Don’t wear black, it attracts mosquitoes- leading to malaria and the next bullet
  • There is something called Dengue Fever, or bone breaking disease. You get bit by mosquitoes and feel like your bones are breaking for two weeks then is disappears as soon as you’re ready to off yourself. There is no preventative and no cure.

With that in mind, and compounded by the fact that we are going on a tour, I have no idea what we’ll be doing for the days ahead so I am very nervous about this trip. I am so used to having sights and activities picked and planned well in advance, a travel agenda, that this whole fly by the seat of my pants thing has got me thrown. We’ll make it work, we always do. Without a formal agenda, I have a few things on my “must list”:

  • Get my feet skin eaten off by fish
  • Get a Thai massage
  • Ride an elephant
  • See some cool temples
  • See Angkor Wat

Which leaves about 9.5 days to fill…

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