A first for HelloKeltie, today I present you with a book review! I’m not talking about the Hunger Games or something more high brow but a book more targeted to the many crafts/inspirations I like to log here.

As a budding upholster, I’ve purchased many books over the past few years. Having read (O.K. flipped) through all of them, I’ve consistently felt uninspired by the fabric and design choices that were really dated, or been intimidated by books aimed at professionals who have a longer attention span than I (read: text heavy, not unlike this blog post is going to be).

A couple years ago I came across a DVD on Etsy and was introduced to Amanda Brown from Spruce Upholstery in Austin Texas. Maybe it was the show-not-tell approach of watching a video that helped, but it helped break down my mental blocks towards jumping into the world of upholstery. As great as the video was, it made upholstery seem a little TOO easy, but Amanda was charismatic so I began following the company.

Skip forward to 2013 and Spruce Upholstery has released a book on the subject of Upholstery. The modern design choices of not only the furniture pieces themselves but the book design feel fresh and current. Some of her “before” pieces look eerily similiar to the “afters” in my other books. The Introduction Story feels like one of my own. In college she purchased a love seat using safety pins to hold it together, I found a love seat and was very excited to upholster it in blue faux fur, and I did so with a glue gun. The first of many pieces I would collect over the years and do nothing with. She then tells how she would work on pieces after work and on weekends.

Her stories are relatable and the rollout/explanation of how to tackle a project are understandable and easy to follow. When you are just starting out with any new craft, details are always well appreciated, and Amanda gives you just right amount of information.

I’ve learned so much from just skimming the chapters the are necessary to the project I am currently working on, that I’ve decided to strip it back down and start again. I highly recommend this guide to anyone interested in learning a new craft. Check back to see if any of the projects I have in mind come to any fruition.

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