PMC Jewelry MIM

As a certified “jack of all trades, master of none”, I am constantly looking for new projects/classes that might spark my interest. A week ago, it was PMC jewelry.

PMC is precious metal clay; a malleable clay that is a combination of an organic binder and ground pure metal particles.  When fired in a kiln, the water and organic binder burns away leaving the metal particles to merge into one piece. The clay comes in various metals including gold and copper. For the purpose of the class, we used PMC that would be 100% silver after being fired. An added benefit of the PMC3 (as its branded) is that you can fire it with a blowtorch and make the transformation in 3 minutes! It’s amazing.

Three other things I found fascinating about this medium:

  1. Out of the package, it feels and looks like clay and you work it with very similarly to clay
  2. After you fire it, the piece is white. You take a stainless steel brush, brush away the white and its matte silver
  3. The product is also sold in sheets, which people make use to make origami and fire it! Our instructor had made a simple origami cup and it was adorable

While I took a blowtorch to one of my pieces in class, the rest were fired in a kiln and I just went to pick them up. Below are pictures of the three pieces I made, enjoy!

Here they are before being fired


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