Before & After: A Broken Cane Seat Gets A Colorful, Yarny Fix | DesignSponge

I have a love-hate relationship with project posts that make me want to learn a new art. When I saw this post from DesignSponge, it combined one part of nostalgia, one part love, and one part detest (because I am trying to focus on one craft right now) into a lovely post. Caning has always reminded me of my Grandfather. When I was a kid he re-caned a chair for my parents and I marveled at this type of weaving that makes a seat little circles.





I can’t tell you how many broken cane-seat chairs I’ve seen thrown out onto the curb in Brooklyn, but I can say that it’s a lot. I’m always tempted to scoop them up and bring them back to my apartment, but I know that in all likelihood, they will just collect dust as I wait to take them to be re-caned. This seems to be the issue with cane furniture and why, once it becomes too warped or develops holes, people opt to simply toss it on the streets rather than repair it. This is why, when this chair re-caning project by interior decorator Joëlle Fabbri ended up in my inbox, I was beyond thrilled. Using just three different colors of yarn (supplies that barely exceed $10), Joëlle was able to create a fix that is not just easy and functional, but actually attractive. I just wish I had known about this awesome technique when I found a sad, broken Breuer chair on the sidewalk a few years back. Alas! Check out all of the photos plus Joëlle’s tips after the jump! Max


Above image: The chair in its “before” state—the caning was severely sagging and was torn at the edges. No good!


ba_chaircaning_form_4ba_chaircaning_5ba_chaircaning_form_5via Before & After: A Broken Cane Seat Gets A Colorful, Yarny Fix | DesignSponge.

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