Outdoor Halloween projects to start NOW

…because the indoors can wait! I scoured the internet for the best Halloween decorations to make your neighbors jealous. Get these done in the next week or so, and we will move on to the indoors. I reserve the right to amend this list as I find more, feel free to leave your ideas in the comments!

Ghostly forms


One of my all time favorites. I made the witch for my Mom a few years ago and all the neighbors in her ‘hood want one.

Via Martha Stewart.com

Maybe those neighbors can use the zombie version 

via Instructables.com

Let me out!

These zombies don’t want in, they want out!

Via Wisteria Garden Circle


Making your own tombstones are more cost effective and unique from the ones you buy at Walgreens. Make a graveyard with some tombstones and lights. But when it comes to a graveyard, remember to keep it simple. If you start cluttering up your lawn with bones, body parts, and cobwebs it can look junky.

via Martha Stewart, or find an alternate version at Halloween Forum

Bats to decorate your trees

Bubble bubble toil and trouble

Next level those plastic cauldrons with some expandable spray foam toy eyeballsand plastic rats/insects/worms. Don’t forget the eye of newt and bat wings.

via Better Homes and Gardens

Tattered draperies

One of my yearly favorites, these drapes make any house look haunted

via HGTV

I always feel like somebody’s watching me

Eyeballs are a Halloween staple. Here are ways to take your eyeball theme from day…

…to night

via BHG.com and Thrifty Crafty Girl

Boarded up

Remember those Zombies from above? Keep them out of your house with some velcro and styrofoam

via Haunted Yards


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