Recently, while researching content for this post, I was informed by a close friend that “Halloween wreaths = 40 year old+ woman’s best friend”. My new goal is to prove her wrong!

As we work from the outside-in decorating your home for Halloween, tonight we reach your front door. Usually the vessel for which a lot a rattling and banging happens as poltergeists let you know they are coming, these wreaths will scare the most terrifying ghosts away while keeping your front door elegant. Some are DIY, some are OIY (order it yourself) but all of them are endorsed by HelloKeltie.

via Better Homes and Gardens


via The Chicadee Shop at

via Martha


via Country Living

via A Pretty Life in the Suburbs


sidenote: This one is make from coffee filters!!

via tatertots and jello


via Better Homes and Gardens

via Crafty LoO’s

ia Better Homes and Gardens

via Katydidandkid

Via Terrian

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