Image credits: Knight on Ostrich by Vitaly – Zazzle; Narwhal Bike by JasonKoza – DeviantArt

You’ve seen them. Trolling craft fairs… infiltrating your Pinterest feed… and eventually peering at you from the shelves of the decor section of Target.  It started with putting a bird on it, then we wondered what the fox said, and breezed through owls, octopi, yetis. They are the animals du jour (well technically animals de l’année, but you get the idea). Animals (real and fictional) that ad quirk and playfulness to the clothes, homes, and the tattoos of contemporary subcultures. If you are anything like me, you’re wondering what will be the representative of 2015? My two candidates for submission are the ostrich and the narwhal. Both funny creatives that have a touch of fiction about them. One, the unicorn of the sea; the other, a gigantic flightless bird that people have been known to ride.

Which do you think it should be? Vote in the poll below

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