Holiday Debut: Noe Valley Candle Company

A Christmas project that might have turned into something bigger, I’ve become a candlemaker!

Using objects I found at a local flea market, I created molds using a silicon rubber called OOMOO 30 from the Smooth-On Corporation. After casting my objects, I filled the resulting molds with beeswax, a wick and let them cool. Once the cooled candles are popped out of their molds they are ready to go! As you’ll see in the photos below, I experimented with natural and bleached beeswax and even a dye. After the holidays are over, I’ll start experimenting with scents and have a few unique cast ideas swimming around in my head. The Etsy store should open soon!

Empty Molds
Filled Molds
A little green added to the mix
Packed up and ready to gift!


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